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what tie knot do you consider most appealing in any sense?


Four in hand. 

the only answer


Colors for fall.

Eidos Napoli Autumn/Winter 2013.

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It’s not very difficult to spot true style when you see it.  Even someone that isn’t aware of the intricacies of tailoring can usually point out when something looks harmonious, although they may not be able to tell you why.

Jake is one of those people that can look both comfortable and elegant in his clothes.  He’s calculated without being fussy, confident without exuding vanity, and generally aware of what works on his body type.

And it’s not so much about what he’s wearing than it is about how he wears it.  Although his proportions are modern, he never veers too far into one end of the spectrum.

He’s very cognizant of getting the smaller things right, which ultimately leads to a whole that’s much more than the sum of its parts.  For instance, his shirt and jacket cuffs which taper down to his wrist precisely and always have the perfect ratio of shirt to jacket (Michael Alden wrote about this, much more clearly than I just did).  A clean taper to all of his pants which are flattering but still allow them to hang with a straight line.  A cutaway collar that isn’t flying off his shoulders.  It’s these little things that make the biggest difference to me.

Jake of The Armoury courtesy of LNSee

(via theguybehindthelens13)